The Changing Face of Investor Reporting

04 December 2019
15:00-16:00 PM (GMT)
 -  On demand
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  • How has PE investor reporting evolved over the last few years, in light of increased LP transparency demands and the emergence of the ILPA template?
  • What kind of information is being prioritised by GPs, with help from their fund administrator(s)? 
  • What are the most recent technology and regulatory developments in respect to investor reporting?
  • The importance of data security under GDPR and a growing cyber risk threat environment
  • More broadly, is the information being conveyed to LPs using AIF structures improving relative to the highly transparent UCITS market; does it need to improve even?
  • Can the quality of investor reporting act as a differentiator when promoting new fund products?


  • Bjorn Gravsholt, Director and Founder of Hereford Capital
  • James Williams, PrivateEquityWire Editor 
  • Ramon Van Heusden, Head of Client Services at TMF Group 
  • Sweta Chattopadhyay, Director of Private Equity Advisory at Bfinance