The road to CRS compliance in Canada

12 April 2018
14:00 (EDT)
Webinar  -  On demand

The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is a new international standard for the automatic exchange of financial account information between tax administrations, with the aim of fighting tax evasion and promoting voluntary compliance with tax laws.

Canada, among many other jurisdictions, is committed to its implementation and, as a late adopter of CRS, will perform automatic exchange of financial data in 2018.

Learn how residing entities in Canada must prepare for the upcoming classification and reporting to avoid penalties of non-compliance.

Join us in our live webinar to learn about:

  • CRS classification and reporting in Canada
  • What is reportable and what is not reportable?
  • What information needs to be shared and what are the deadlines?
  • Consequences of non-compliance

Who should attend?

  • CFO, in-house legal, General counsels, corporate secretaries, procurement
  • Tax directors/managers/executives
  • Business Development directors/managers
  • Other people who are interested to know more about CRS

Our speakers

Lisa Wilcox - Senior Director Client Services at TMF Canada
Lisa has over 15 years in the global fiduciary business and holds a B.A in International Relations, a LL.B. and is a holder of the TEP designation from STEP. Starting her career in Vancouver in 2002 where she provided estate planning services to HNWIs in the BC market, she then moved into the international field in 2008 in a business development role for a Canadian bank’s international trust offering. In 2014 she headed a fiduciary risk management division and then led the business delivery side for Western Canada, again within a large banking operation.

Shammai Butcher - Corporate Services Manager at TMF Canada
Shammai has over 11 years in the financial services business. Starting her career in the Vancouver area, she managed a financial institution providing short term loan services and then continued to expand her business acumen by working at a collection agency focusing on Credit and Debt Law. To develop her knowledge and capabilities, Shammai took on a role in the Civil Litigation sector. Her time at Gowlings allowed her to develop and work alongside some of Canada's leading Lawyers and Partners. This led her to TMF Group where over the last few years she has been a vital part establishing the Cosec department, which includes the selection process of the entire legal and regulatory team in Canada.


Questions? If you would like to ask any questions related to this subject, please send them in advance to We will try our best to incorporate them into the session.