Trends in HR and Payroll. Impact on implementing a successful payroll strategy

28 October 2015
 -  On demand

What is the Webinar?

Expanding your business across borders, whether it is to a neighboring country or across the world isn’t easy. It always results in a need to make yourselves familiar with different legislation and tax regulation to comply with local laws. Expanding also often means hiring new staff or relocating people to countries new to you. Paying your remote staff can be time consuming and difficult as you need to interpret the local legislation and prepare foreign documents.

Human resource leaders must consider the impact of payroll, not only from an outsourcing perspective, but also from a skills and compliance perspective. This program brings an insight into how Amazon dealt with these queries and the steps they went through and decisions they made expanding their business in new territory with TMF Group, one of their partners.

TMF Group as a global business services provider gives an overview of the latest global trends in HR and Payroll and its impact on particularly your US business. After the presentation you'll have a chance to ask the presenters questions related to this topic.

Speakers: TMF Group HR and payroll specialists will be hosting the webinar and will be joined by Samantha Williams, Senior Manager International Payroll, Amazon.