Unlocking global growth: Strategies to excel in an evolving economic landscape

17 October 2023
11.00 a.m. (BST)
 -  Online
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While the global economy is on a path to recovery, persistent challenges remain. These include the ongoing Ukraine conflict, resulting sanctions and prevailing geopolitical tensions. Furthermore, the escalation of interest rates has triggered financial markets stress.

Navigating these complexities can be daunting for organisations seeking to invest and operate worldwide. This is where the TMF Group's annual Global Business Complexity Index report becomes invaluable. Now in its tenth year, this report delves into the diverse regulations and prerequisites for conducting international business. The 78 jurisdictions covered capture the world’s largest economies and investment hubs, representing 72% of the world’s population, 92% of world GDP and 95% of net FDI inflow.

  • Navigating complexity: Discover how TMF Group's Global Business Complexity Index helps organisations understand international business regulations across major economies and investment hubs.
  • Strategic business transformation: Learn from the experts on how to adapt your processes, technologies and policies to succeed in the dynamic business environment.
  • Revamping processes: Gain insights into how businesses can embrace new technologies and develop policies to stay competitive and compliant.
  • Prioritising challenges and recognising advantages: Learn how to strategically prioritise challenges and leverage the benefits of successful business transformation, whether in financial processes or internal controls.


Headshot of Mark Rosson

Mark Rosson, mark.rosson@tmf-group.com

Global Head of A&T and HRP Practices

With over 20 years of experience, Mark has excelled in leading complex transformations within global enterprise sales. His expertise spans developing effective sales and customer experience strategies, cultivating strategic partnerships, and fostering high-performing teams. With a remarkable track record of securing multi-million pound new business annually, his consistently exceeded targets in revenue growth, cost transformation, and customer experience. As the Global Head of A&T and HRP Practices, his leadership continues to drive success in intricate business environments.

Headshot of Aynsley Vaughan

Aynsley Vaughan, aynsley.vaughan@tmf-group.com

Global Head of the Global Entity Management, Private Wealth, and Family Office service line

Aynsley has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services sector working in both the onshore and offshore markets. She has spent past decade focusing on corporate trusts, specifically in Employee Benefit and Share Ownership Trusts and related incentives structures for a variety of companies and their founders.

Aynsley started her career in the Channel Islands and worked closely with professional intermediaries and their HNW clients to structure their wealth effectively and efficiently. Aynsley then spent 10 years with large multinational bank building their Global Stock & Rewards Services business servicing FTSE 100, 250, AIM listed and private companies and joined TMF in 2021 after some time with an independent trust company.