Moving fortunes: Who’s getting the most favourable fund terms?

03 October 2018
16:00 –17:00 (CEST)
Webinar  -  On demand

In a market filled with dry powder, record breaking funds and quick fundraising cycles, the pendulum has swung back from an LP-favourable market to a more balanced GP/LP market.

TMF Group in association with Real Deals will check in with GPs, LPs and advisers to discuss:

  • How fund terms have changed over the past five years
  • What fund terms currently look like across the board
  • Who has the power currently when it comes to negotiating fund terms – GPs? Or LPs?
  • Are there particular areas of the market where investors have more power to achieve favourable terms from managers, and vice versa?
  • What both sides need to be mindful of when heading into negotiating fund terms
  • What are the common sticking points in these negotiations
  • What factors will swing this dynamic towards either managers or investors in future?