HR and Payroll services in South Korea

For those doing business in South Korea, South Korea’s labour environment is well-regulated to protect both the employee and the employer. Governed by the Labour Standards Act (LSA), HR legislation covers everything from labour standards and equal opportunity employment, to trade unions and insurance.

In terms of personnel, South Korea’s social security system is comprised of employment and industrial accident compensation, national pensions and health insurance. Wages in South Korea are paid more than once a month.

We can assist with your HR and payroll requirements in South Korea with services that cover facilitating work permits, payroll processing, data management and compliance with local HR policies. 

  • Calculation of taxes and social security insurance and reporting to relevant authorities
  • Payroll processing and payments
  • Electronic reporting solutions to securely manage global data and payment processes
  • Facilitation of relocation requirements including work permits and tax treaty research for expatriates’ payroll requirements
  • Registration and cancellation of employment
  • Implementation of benefit programs in compliance with local laws and company policies
  • Online payroll facilities, including electronic processing and reporting of HR records and e-payslips

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