Accounting and Tax services in Cyprus

TMF Group Cyprus provides a full range of statutory Accounting, Reporting and Tax compliance services. Statutory bookkeeping services include the maintenance of the company's books and records in accordance with local legislation and directives, and the preparation and filing of all required reports and specifications.

Accounting related functions performed by TMF Group include:

  • Initial set up of accounting system
  • Filing of external and internal original documents
  • Processing the data
  • Preparing reports for statutory and management purposes
  • Acting as a second signature on payment instructions
  • Audit assistance

EU Directives include a number of tax and accounting regulations. We can assist you in ensuring that your company remains compliant but takes advantage of various exemptions and incentives.  Directives relevant to tax and accounting are as follows:

  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Personal Income Tax
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Special Defence Contribution Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Immovable Property Ownership Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Stamp Duty Tax

Consolidated Reporting Services

TMF Group Cyprus specialises in consolidating the activities of the client's companies into one report. Each local TMF Group office prepares the statutory accounts and the necessary management reports in the local language, in accordance with appropriate legal requirements. Management reports are then consolidated and the entire package, consisting of local statutory accounts and internal management accounts, is presented to the responsible head office. You are provided with an easy-to-read, consistent report of all activities, as well as the underlying local and international management reports on a timely basis.

Tax filing and compliance services

TMF Group Cyprus tax filing and compliance services include the filing of VAT, Income Withholding Tax, and assistance to auditors in preparation of Corporate Income Tax return.

TMF Group Cyprus offers banking services through being granted access to client's online banking facilities. We handle the setup of bank accounts, payment through online banking and make transfers as required by the client.

Specific projects

TMF Group Cyprus can handle the setup or reorganisation of accounting systems, including inflationary accounting systems and techniques. We can also assist in the implementation of software packages, establishing accounting control procedures, preparing the books of accounts and financial statements for audit purposes. Accountant training is also available.

Office space

We can offer turnkey furnished offices for rent in TMF Group's Cyprus premises. Shared office resources and front desk support is available if and when required.

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