HR and Payroll services in the Czech Republic

TMF Group is the global expert in helping your HR stay compliant with local rules, wherever you operate. Our Czech team speaks the local language and keeps up-to-date with changes in local regulations. We are the partner who provides global reach, yet with that intimate local knowledge that you only have when you're on the ground.

HR solutions

Our local professionals help ensure that your international policies are fully implemented in employment contracts and handbooks. No matter what the global HR policies decree, they will need to be translated to local processes. Our people can help your team with that, while at the same time looking at compliance with local legislative demands and using a language your staff will understand.

Our specialists can act as a client’s local HR function, preparing employment contracts and guidelines, providing employee training assistance and securely maintaining personal confidential information.

Our Czech office can help you with:

  • Review of company policies for local compliance
  • Assistance with hiring and terminations
  • Meetings with the employees
  • Handling queries of the employees
  • Preparation of residence permits, working permits, visa applications etc.

Payroll solutions

Need someone to look after payroll for five people in your Czech office while HQ deals with the big offices? Thinking about outsourcing the payroll tasks for your Czech subsidiary that employs 200 people?

Our Czech office can help you with:

  • Registration of new hires and termination filings of leavers
  • Monthly payroll processing and related reports preparation and filings
  • Preparation of payment orders
  • Electronic payslip preparation and distribution
  • Year-end closing of annual income for employees and preparation of the advance income tax and the withholding tax returns required of the employer
  • Year-end personal income tax (PIT) return preparation for employees subject to the solidarity tax
  • Statistical reports required by local authorities
  • Assistance during controls from the social security and health insurance institutions or from the tax office

We provide a wide range of HR and payroll services, including payroll processing, management reporting and cost analysis and outsourced HR services. Working with us, you can be sure that the full scope of payroll processing is securely managed from start to finish, mitigating compliance risk.

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