HR and Payroll Services in Hungary

When you’re operating across borders and employing an international workforce, you need careful planning and scrutiny to ensure every single entity is both fully compliant with your global HR and payroll policies and procedures, and more importantly with local regulation requirements. Ignore this and you’ll risk fines and reputational damage - sometimes even criminal prosecution.

Our HR and payroll specialists can oversee the proper implementation of all procedures and can assist your employees and their families to obtain the required visas, work and residence permits. They will also guide you when the involvement of additional specialists is required and remain your first point of contact.

Human Resources (HR) Services

Support with visa applications, work/residence permits and other registrations including:

  • Preparation and monitoring of mandatory applications with the relevant (immigration) authorities
  • Assistance with legalisation and translation of documents
  • Home and host-country assistance
  • Working with local immigration experts/legal advisors where necessary
  • Storage of documents in a database
  • Departure Service (deregistration)
  • Contact with tax authorities and local residents’ registration office

Support with standard employment contracts, employee handbook:

  • Provision and amendment of these documents

Support with employee assignment licence procedure:

  • Preparation of overviews including required documents
  • Contact with authorities
  • Reconciliation with client, tax and legal advisor

Maintenance of employee personal files:

  • Safekeeping  employee employment records
  • Issuing of employment related documentation

Administration of a flexible benefits system (“cafeteria”):

  • Preparation of the cafeteria manual
  • Handling the on-going benefits ordering process (food vouchers, public transport season tickets, SZÉP Card upload)

Payroll Services

  • Preparation and provision of monthly payslips
  • Implementation and processing of the data of the employer and the employees into TMF Group´s payroll system
  • Collection, coordination and verification of all permanent employer/employee data
  • Collection and review of the monthly input data, including amendments of salary, overtime work per employee, sickness, vacation, one-time bonuses and so on
  • Upload of bank transfer instructions for net salaries, social security, wage tax and more
  • Retention, archiving and filing of all data related to the employer/employees and the underlying employment
  • Full scope of social security administration

Additional Services:

  • Processing specific/additional payroll-related requests
  • Preparation of payment overviews
  • Preparing monthly analysis of the gross and net wages, social premiums, wage tax, individual payroll slips, bookkeeping journal and so on
  • Calculation and payment of travel expenses in close liaison with the client’s accounting department

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