HR and Payroll Services in Italy

The Italian Payroll system differs from those in most European countries and so  foreign newcomers and domestic corporates often find the process complicated and confusing.

TMF Group Italy helps companies of all sizes across a range of industries in the entire payroll process, up to and including, the full smart sourcing of human resource management.

We will process your employees monthly payroll, calculate taxes and contributions (for example the F24 form) by providing customised, efficient payroll solutions to align with your business requirements. We incorporate the latest regulatory developments as well as any company-specific agreements.

Our Human Resource (HR) Services:

  • employment contract and employee handbook support (without legal advice)
  • employee assignment licence procedure support
    • preparation of overviews including the required documents
    • contact with authorities
    • reconciliation with client, tax and legal advisors
  • support with foreign employer registration in cases where the company has no permanent establishment in Italy, including the provision of social security representation
  • support in cases of audit or inspection by labor authorities
  • assistance with request of CIG (short time allowance) and job mobility
  • support with injury reports to INAIL and other relevant authorities
  • provision of a platform to register employee time and attendance data
  • processing specific/additional payroll-related requests
  • preparation of payment overviews
  • preparing monthly analysis of the gross and net wages, social premiums, wage tax, individual payroll slips and bookkeeping journal
  • calculation, preparation and payment of travel expenses in close liaison with accounting
  • preparation of ad-hoc and customised reports (Gross to Net, GL file and so on)
  • support in dealing with trade unions
  • further HR Services upon request

Payroll Services

  • preparation and provision of monthly payslips
  • implementation and processing of data of employer and employees into TMF Group payroll system
  • collection, coordination and verification of all permanent employer/employee data
  • collection and review of monthly input data including amendments of salary, overtime work per employee, sickness, vacation and one-time bonuses
  • management of complementary social security funds and TFR funds
  • upload of bank transfer instructions for net salaries, social security and wage tax
  • preparation of annual withholding tax statements (CU)
  • preparation of data related to the annual withholding taxes and social security contributions for the 770-semplificato form
  • retention, archive and filing of all data related to the employer/employees and the underlying employment

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