Private Equity Services in Italy

Operating internationally brings complexity, risk and cost. TMF Group works with leading private equity and venture capital firms to enhance their global operations, administer international investment structures and support portfolio companies.

We offer a comprehensive range of compliance and administrative services that are critical for private equity firms from a financial, legal and risk management perspective. Our services help clients to quickly expand into a new market, realise cost-efficiencies within existing global operations, and improve governance and controls.

Our Italian team can help you in compliance with the local regulation and ensure your company can smoothly operate in multi-jurisdictions.

How we can help

Transaction services

Investing internationally often leads to complex acquisition structures with legal entities in multiple jurisdictions. Such complexity poses challenges for transparency, governance and the timely delivery of information required by investors and regulators. It also requires the necessary expertise and experience of qualified professionals to ensure transactions are administered effectively and efficiently.

Working with TMF Group our private equity clients are able to use one global service provider to implement and administer their investments worldwide.

Portfolio companies

We work with operating partners, management teams and professional advisors to address key portfolio company scenarios:

International expansion

We assist portfolio companies to quickly enter new markets. Our global reach and local compliance services, delivered through a single point of contact, help businesses expand seamlessly across borders.

Overseas operations

Where international operations of portfolio companies are inefficient or failing, we can quickly step in to improve and streamline back office operations. Our local accountancy, corporate secretarial and HR and payroll experts, coordinated with a single point of contact from anywhere in the world, ensure that businesses can concentrate on their core objectives.

Carve outs

Where an existing business is carved out, shared administrative services need to be replaced. We can provide a full back office solution for the new business starting from the point of acquisition.

Buy and build

Mergers and acquisitions require transparency over corporate data and processes and an integrated administrative function for the combined group. We work closely with professional advisors to implement new legal, tax, accounting, payroll and business processes.


Non-compliance with local legislation and regulatory developments at the portfolio company level can become financial risks at exit. We can provide full corporate secretarial health checks, remedial action and ongoing compliance to support robust board and corporate governance procedures at exit.

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