Corporate secretarial and accounting services in Luxembourg

Our specialists in Luxembourg work as integrated teams to offer a full range of both corporate secretarial and accounting services, ensuring clients can benefit from a unified approach.

Corporate secretarial services in Luxembourg

Our corporate secretarial services help you to deal with multijurisdictional corporate governance changes, company name changes and incorporations or liquidations. We help to keep you compliant, manage your regulatory risk and provide transparency, both in-country and across borders.

Our Luxembourg office can provide you with the following corporate secretarial services:

  • General meetings documentation: In accordance with local legislation, we can organise annual shareholders, board of directors and advisory committee meetings, prepare all necessary documents and complete other necessary steps
  • Annual filing: We can prepare the management board activity report, any relevant annual reports, any shareholder resolutions approving the financial statement or the one appointing the auditor and the petition to the court on filing of the financial statement with the collection of deeds of the commercial register. We can also take care of the filing of the documents.
  • Maintenance of the corporate files: We can keep orderly corporate records, enabling us to quickly retrieve documentation as necessary
  • Liquidation services: We can assist with the winding down of your company in our capacity as proxy holder of the Liquidator and as Custodian of the books and records.

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Accounting services in Luxembourg

By entrusting your finance and accountancy services to a truly independent third party with global reach, we help to keep you compliant with local regulations, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

Our services in Luxembourg include:

  • Statutory bookkeeping: Maintaining your books and records in accordance with local Luxembourg laws, and preparing and filing all required reports and specifications
  • International management reporting: Tailored to your individual requirements in terms of formatting, currency, language, frequency and accounting standards, including IFRS/IAS and any relevant GAAP
  • Consolidated reporting: Monthly, quarterly and/or yearly assistance in preparing output accounting reports and accounting reconciliation, including the reconciliation between statutory and company or group management reports, including IFRS and any relevant GAAP
  • Administrative support: Assistance with the preparation of your payment orders, the issuing of your customer invoices and the archiving of your accounting documentation
  • Tax compliance:  Knowing the ins and outs of the local tax environment and thus keeping compliant with local regulations, can be challenging. Our tax professionals are local experts at managing both direct and indirect tax compliance, in conjunction with the company’ tax advisors. Find out more here.

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