HR and payroll services in the Netherlands

Our local specialists are experts in helping you stay compliant with local regulation. We speak the local language and keep up-to-date with changes in local HR laws so you can rely on us for your HR and payroll needs.

We can provide a wide range of HR and payroll services, allowing you to feel comfortable that the full scope of payroll processing is taken care of from start to finish, helping mitigating compliance risk.

Payroll solutions

Do you need someone to look after payroll for six people in your Amsterdam-based office? Are you thinking about outsourcing the payroll tasks for your Dutch subsidiary that employs 100 people?

Our colleagues can help you with:

  • Local registration of new staff and termination filings of leavers
  • Monthly payroll processing and related reports preparation and filings
  • Electronic payslip preparation and distribution
  • Year-end personal income tax (PIT) return preparation for employees
  • Statistical reports required by local Dutch authorities
  • Assistance during controls from the social security institutions or from the local Dutch tax office
  • Assistance with shadow payroll and payroll split
  • Assistance with expat payroll, as detailed below

Special tax regime for expatriates

The Netherlands boasts a special tax regime for expatriates. Employees that are temporarily seconded abroad or to the Netherlands usually benefit from a reimbursement for the extra costs of the stay outside of their home country, the so-called extraterritorial costs.

For the reimbursement of these costs, you can choose between the reimbursement of the actual costs or you can choose to apply the 30% ruling. This Dutch ruling provides a substantial income tax exemption of up to 30%. TMF Group in the Netherlands can assist with the full process with regard to expatriate taxation.

HR solutions

In coordination with expert third parties, our local professionals can help to implement your policies in employment contracts and handbooks. Our contacts can help translate your global policies into local processes, while helping you to keep on top of local legislative demands and using a language your staff will understand.

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