Structured finance services in the Netherlands

TMF Group is one of the largest independent administrators of structured finance entities in the world, with dedicated teams located in all key onshore and offshore locations. We are experts in structured finance and passionate about providing high quality services to more than 2,200 special purpose vehicles (SPVs) around the globe.

Our team of 35 staff in the Netherlands, headed by Global Director TMF Structured Finance Services, Huub Mourits, and local expert, Director Client Services, Philip Rutovitz, are highly experienced in the domain and can offer, amongst others, the following services:

SPV management governance services

  • SPV incorporation, capitalisation and ownership
  • Maintenance of the SPV's statutory books and records
  • Highly experienced and qualified directors
  • Company secretarial services
  • Provision of registered office
  • Process agent/administrative agent
  • Note registrar
  • Management of the post-transaction liquidation/winding up of company

Financial reporting services

  • General ledger and bookkeeping
  • Statutory financial statements
  • Consolidated (interim) financial statements (FAS 166/167)
  • IFRS/local GAAP reporting and conversions
  • Investor reporting
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Supervision of external SPV audits
  • Local tax registration
  • CIT and VAT returns/filings
  • Transaction surveillance reporting
  • Shadow servicing
  • Verification Agent/Waterfall Management
  • Asset and Derivatives valuation
  • Preparation of PFIC statements
  • FATCA/CRS Reporting
  • EMIR (TR) reporting

Trustee and Other Services

  • Security trustee
  • Note trustee
  • Collateral agent
  • Bond trustee
  • Noteholder representative
  • Share trustee
  • Real estate trustee
  • Voting trustee
  • Successor trustee
  • Data trustee/data agent
  • Back-up issuer administrator
  • Back-up cash manager
  • Replacement facilitator
  • Independent Review Party

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