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The business world is becoming increasingly regulated, which means that the obligation for companies to ensure compliance and transparency is more crucial than ever. Tax is rapidly becoming one of the largest compliance burdens, with the world witnessing rising tax rates and increased audit and administrative requirements. Lack of compliance to local regulations can result in fines and interest penalties that all companies would rather avoid. How do you ensure your compliance requirements are in hand?

The major types of taxes that are applicable to legal entities established in the Netherlands are:

Corporate income tax - CIT: Corporate income tax is levied on income from companies which are established in the Netherlands and on certain companies which are not established in the Netherlands but which receive income from the Netherlands.

Currently, the CIT rate in the Netherlands is set at 20% over the first EUR 200,000 and 25% over any surplus.

Value added tax - VAT: Any business who supplies goods and/or services and who also qualifies as a VAT entrepreneur in the Netherlands is liable to Dutch VAT.

Current VAT rates are set at:

  • Standard VAT rate of 21%
  • Reduced VAT rate of 6% - e.g. food and non-alcoholic beverages, books/magazines and passenger transport
  • The 0% rate - exempted with the right to deduct input VAT, e.g. exports and intra-Community supply of goods and most (B2B) services, goods under customs control or VAT warehousing arrangements

Once VAT registration has been established, companies are required to submit periodic filings and take care of regular VAT payments. The Netherlands has highly detailed requirements enforced by penalties and interest charges for infringement. Our local staff can help you to keep on top of the rules and stay fully compliant.

Personal income tax - PIT: Personal income tax is levied from private individuals who live in the Netherlands or who receive income from the Netherlands, with a wide range of specifics based on circumstances.

  • Domestic tax residents - Private individuals who live in the Netherlands are liable for income tax on their worldwide income
  • Foreign tax residents - Private individuals who do not live in the Netherlands but receive income from a limited number of sources in the Netherlands (e.g. a Dutch employer or owners of real-estate in the Netherlands) are taxed for those sources

Working closely with external tax advisors, our local specialists can help manage both direct and indirect tax compliance requirements with a range of services to support your local needs. These services include filing your tax returns and liaising with the local tax authorities – we can shoulder your reporting burdens - leaving you free to focus on your core business.

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