Corporate Secretarial in Spain

We provide these corporate secretarial services in Spain to help you focus on your core business and growth.

  • Maintenance of the corporate books of the company (book of minutes / contracts and shareholder’s register)
  • Filing of the company's annual accounts with the local Business Registry;
  • Preparation of standard proxies for the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“AGM”)
  • Organising and convening the Annual General Meeting of Shareholder(s) and Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors (BoD) with English translations, if required
  • Organising and convening Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM) and Extraordinary Meetings of BoD with English translations, if required
  • Preparing and drafting the minutes for the AGM, EGMs and BoD meetings and other related corporate documents with English translations, if required;
  • Coordination of the formalisation of aforementioned resolutions (with notary/legal advisors)
  • Maintaining the company in good standing in relation to local registration with the Business Registry
  • Filing the official forms at the Ministry of Industry to declare (i) foreign investments in Spain and (ii) Spanish investments abroad;
  • Filing at the Ministry of Industry the Annual Reports on the evolution of (i) foreign investments in Spain and (ii) Spanish investments abroad
  • Informing the company’s bank about the transfers executed and received with regard to their reason (i.e. foreign loans, credits and offsetting arrangements)
  • Completing and submitting forms regarding the single system for reporting to the Bank of Spain Economic Transactions and Financial Balances with Foreign Operators

Domiciliary Services

Our domiciliary services include:

  • Providing the registered office of the company
  • Checking and filing routine correspondence and, if required, forwarding copies thereof

TMF Group Spain’s corporate secretarial services can deliver efficiencies when dealing with a wide range of issues. From corporate governance changes to company name changes (often needed after acquisitions), incorporations or liquidations, to provision of registered offices, we can help to keep you compliant, manage your regulatory risk and provide transparency. We specialise in providing you with a single point of contact to coordinate the day-to-day management of your corporate secretarial operations, and ensure clear communication and transparency when you’re operating across multiple jurisdictions. Our highly-experienced, international team has extensive practical knowledge of local regulations. Tried and tested entity lifecycle processes establish control, consistency and cost effectiveness worldwide.

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