HR and Payroll in Turkey

When you are operating across borders and employing an international workforce, you need careful planning and scrutiny to ensure every single entity is both fully compliant with your global HR and payroll policies and procedures, and more importantly with local regulation requirements. Ignore this and you’ll risk fines and reputational damage - sometimes even criminal prosecution.

Terms of employment in Turkey are mainly governed by the Labour Law and Trade Union Law. Pursuant to the Labour Law, there are various types of employment contracts:

  • Employment contracts for “temporary” and “permanent” work
  • Employment contracts for a “definite period” or an “indefinite period”
  • Employment contracts for “part-time” and “full-time” work
  • Employment contracts for “work-upon-call”
  • Employment contracts with a trial period
  • Employment contacts constituted with a team contract

Any kind of discrimination amongst employees with respect to language, race, gender, political opinion, philosophical approach, religion or similar criteria is prohibited by law. Discrimination based on the gender of an employee is prohibited when determining the amount of remuneration for employees working in the same or equivalent jobs.

Working hours and overtime arrangements

Under the Labour Law, the maximum regular working hours are 45 hours per week. In principle, 45 hours should be split equally among the working days.  However, in accordance with the Labour Law, working hours may be arranged by the employer within the legal limits.

As a rule, hours exceeding the limit of 45 hours per week are accepted as “overtime hours”. The total number of overtime hours worked per year may not exceed 270 hours. The application of the overtime work is separately determined through an internal company regulation.

Turkey HR and Payroll services

Payroll services

  • Payroll processing
  • Identifying payroll related payments
  • Preparation of social security declarations
  • Provide payroll calculation related to termination of employment (severance and notice liability)
  • Preparation of documentation for new recruits and resignations or terminations
  • Calculation of personnel annual income tax rebate

Human Resource Services

  • Preparation and review of employment contracts in line with the Turkish Labor Code
  • Preparation and review of employment guidelines, in-house instructions, and organisation charts in line with the Turkish Labour Code
  • Secure maintenance of personal confidential information, and provision of employee training assistance (e.g. Human Resource staff and managers) in relevant areas (relating to breaches of work discipline, termination of employment and the material liability of employees etc.)

Additional HR services:

  • Complete management reporting and cost analysis
  • Reports and analyses per department, team or other cost centre
  • Net-gross-total salary cost analysis
  • Comparative reports per cost centre per reporting period (monthly or quarterly)
  • Work permit applications

Our HR and Payroll specialists can oversee the proper implementation of all procedures. We will also guide you when the involvement of additional specialists is required and remain your first point of contact.

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