HR and Payroll Services in the UK

TMF Group UK provides a wide range of flexible and scalable human resource and payroll services to assist clients in complying with their local requirements. We are able to manage salary calculations, payments and reporting to tax authorities.

Our global reach - combined with the expertise of local staff - reduces the complications of dealing with multi-country legislative demands and multiple contacts. We can provide a single point of contact to coordinate the communication and management of your payroll operations across multiple jurisdictions, to maximise efficiency and minimise risk.

TMF Group’s UK payroll processing service model is based on the principle of local, in-country teams processing local payroll in accordance with local legislation. Our specialised team is experienced in dealing with HR and payroll processing in the UK. We keep up-to-date with all legislative changes that occur at the local level, process them in working procedures and keep you informed accordingly.

Payroll services for UK start-ups and existing businesses

Do you need someone to look after payroll for one person without a permanent establishment in the UK? Thinking about outsourcing the payroll tasks for your UK subsidiary? Do you want payroll data to be managed confidentially outside your business?

Our UK payroll team can help you with:

  • registration of the entity with the tax authorities to set up a PAYE (Pay As You Earn) scheme (what is a PAYE scheme?)
  • monthly payroll processing and related reports preparation and filings
  • electronic payslip preparation and secure distribution
  • year-end return submission and electronic end of year summary for employees
  • new joiners and leaver processing and relevant reporting to authorities
  • processing and authorising payments to employees and third parties from TMF client account or company bank account if required
  • smooth transition of payroll from your in-house process or existing external provider.

The UK team have a history of successfully setting up payrolls for clients who are new to the UK tax system or require additional subsidiaries set up. Once we receive specific information from you, we can register a PAYE scheme with the authorities and start payroll processing immediately.

We provide a wide range of HR and payroll services, including payroll processing, management reporting and cost analysis. Working with us, you can be sure that the full scope of payroll processing is securely managed from start to finish, mitigating compliance risk.

The UK team have experience setting up payrolls for clients who are new to the UK tax system or require additional subsidiaries set up. Once we receive specific information from you, we can register a PAYE scheme with the authorities and start payroll processing.

TMF Group can help you to run your UK payroll services in compliance with all local regulatory and tax requirements.

Multi-jurisdictional services

Clients who use TMF Group services in multiple jurisdictions may choose to make use of our Client Account Manager (CAM) service. The CAM acts as a single point of contact between TMF Group and our client and can be located in a country of the client’s choosing. The CAM maintains a detailed overview of our client’s global operations and coordinates day-to-day activities and communication across TMF Group’s global network of offices on behalf of the client. In this way, our client is assured of local delivery of payroll services with centralised supervision.

TMF Group’s bespoke payroll services

We pride ourselves on being able to work with our clients to deliver a bespoke payroll solution tailored to their needs. By understanding our client’s requirements we can accommodate various types of employee contracts in a single payroll appointment.

Our services include:

  • payment services
  • stock option calculations and reporting obligations
  • holiday accruals
  • PAYE settlement agreements
  • expat payroll processing
  • Section 690 applications and foreign tax credit calculations
  • auto enrolment services
  • provision of draft employment agreements
  • uploading information to third party portal for pension and benefit reporting.

If your workforce comprises different types of employee contracts at all levels, our bespoke tailored payroll service will meet your requirements.

What is a PAYE Scheme?

All employers in the UK operate a PAYE Scheme for their employees (typically run on a monthly basis).

The scheme is run in line with UK tax years (6 April to 5 April the following year), taking account of the PAYE regulations, subjecting taxable pay to tax and national insurance (social security/insurance) at source. The employer will pay the ‘net’ resulting salary to the employee, and the national insurance (NI) and tax calculated will be paid direct to HM Revenue & Customs (the government authority responsible for collecting tax and NI contributions).

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