Corporate Secretarial services in Canada

TMF Group’s globalizing business services are built around over 20 years of helping companies operate abroad.  We work to provide all the services required to help establish a new entity in a foreign country, register with all the appropriate governmental authorities to start trading, and then help manage all back office compliance.

We provide a variety of legal administrative services to our clients in connection with establishing and maintaining financing and holding companies and other structures in compliance with applicable local laws. These services include establishing corporate entities to serve as finance companies or as operating companies, as well as managing corporate compliance procedures, such as organizing and recording board and shareholders’ meetings. We also provide domiciliary and management services, as well as local representatives and directors with the necessary expertise, required for clients to conduct business in a particular jurisdiction.

Our Canada office can provide you with the following corporate secretarial services:

  • Mandatory Annual Compliance

    Approvals & Meetings

    Preparation of the annual statutory documents to approve the financial statements,

  • Other Statutory Requirements

    Filing of Annual Reports.

    Registered Agent Services

  • Custody and maintenance of the statutory registers and minute books of the company as required, including:

    Articles of Association

    Register of Members

    Register of Directors & Secretaries

    Minutes Book

    Safeguarding and keeping of record of transfer of shares and/or membership certificates

  • Preparation of draft board minutes(for example, with regard to a change of director or other statutory matter, or approval of a commercial contract or matter)
  • Preparation of Power of Attorney Form
  • Allotment of shares (preparation of draft board minutes and preparation of share certificate)Transfer of shares (preparation of draft board minute, preparation of stock transfer form and preparation of share certificate)
  • Amendment of By‐Laws/LLC Agreements (drafting only) (preparation of draft board minute, preparation of stock transfer form and preparation of share certificate)
  • Amendments to Foreign Jurisdiction Qualifications
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Notarization of documents
  • Alteration share capital
  • Incorporation of an entity
  • Qualification of an entity in a foreign jurisdiction
  • Withdrawal from foreign jurisdiction
  • Dissolution from domestic jurisdiction
  • Good Standing restoration
  • Capital reduction
  • Purchase of own shares
  • Change of service or registered office address
  • Director/Secretary/Shareholder services
  • Incumbency Certificates

Domiciliation/Registered address

TMF provides registered agent services in all 50 states in the United States, D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam and all Canadian Provinces and the Canadian Federal Authority.

In order to remain active and in good standing, all registered entities must file an annual report and in many cases a franchise tax return.

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