Executive Search

TMF Chile offers headhunting services for different kinds of roles and vacancies. We provide full service recruitment (from generating the job description to the hiring of the ideal candidate and managing the post-hiring follow-ups)

Transitory services

We make professional and technical personnel available to the client for specific periods of time, in order to meet the client’s immediate needs and in accordance with local legislation.

With our transitory services, we help companies reduce costs and time. We also provide the flexibility to respond to contingencies such as time-bound projects or the temporary replacement during an employee’s leave (maternity, holidays, vacation, etc.).

Human resources services

Our services are defined in a common agreement contract, and are tailor-made to our client’s specific requirements. We ensure we provide the necessary support so our clients can maintain uninterrupted operation of their administrative processes.

Human resources assessments

  • Capability assessments: based on a personal interview, where our experts determine whether the candidate meets the competencies, aptitudes and skills needed for a certain vacancy. We also explore which are the salary and professional development expectations of the candidates.
  • Occupational-psychological assessment: it entails an interview made by a psychologist specialized in competencies, using evaluating tools that allow to anticipate how well a candidate would adapt to a certain organisational culture or role.
  • Assessment centre: we make an on-site evaluation to understand which competencies are required for a specific role within a company, using diverse techniques like role playing, case discussions, among others.

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