Accounting and tax administrative services in Mexico

As the world becomes increasingly regulated, the pressure on your finance department grows. How do you ensure your compliance requirements are in hand? What risk management strategies do you have in place?

And when you operate in Mexico and multiple jurisdictions, ever-changing local rules and regulations put your companies at an even greater risk of non-compliance and increased liability. Mexico is considered as the second economy in Latin America with the highest number of reforms in a time period, only behind Colombia with 29 changes per year.

By trusting your finance and accountancy process to TMF Group in Mexico you can help mitigate these risks, deal with the challenges more efficiently – and ensure your management time and resources is focused on both your core business, and your growth strategy.

How Mexican accountants and tax experts can help you

Everyone’s accounting needs are different; that’s the very nature of business. But regulatory requirements are immovable. We work with every company individually to provide a flexible and scalable solution that suits individual needs.

Accounting services includes:

  • Formal registration before the local tax authority, hereafter SAT (for its name in Spanish)
  • Opening bank account
  • Obtain company’s and Legal Representative Electronic Signature (FIEL for its name in Spanish)
  • Maintain and supervise accounting records and books according to Mexican GAAP’s
  • Receive and register account payables and accounts receivables
  • Monthly preparation of trial balance and income statements in English and Spanish in MXP, according to Mexican Financial Reporting Standards (NIF)

Tax services includes:

  • Monthly informative declaration of VAT and electronic submission before SAT
  • Monthly declaration of  flat rate business tax (IETU for its name in spanish) report and filling via internet at SAT website
  • Monthly declaration of Corporate Income Tax and its electronic submission before SAT
  • Prepare and submit annual declaration of Corporate Income Tax and  Flat Rate Business Tax
  • Preparation of monthly corporate income tax advance payments report and filling via internet at tax authority’s website
  • Filling statistics monthly returns (when applicable)
  • Preparation of a letter informing payable taxes mentioned above

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