EB-5 Services in the USA

TMF Group - a leading provider of high value global business services to clients operating and investing internationally – has launched a new 'EB-5 service offering'.  We are leveraging our 25 years of financial services experience and global presence in over 80 countries to support the administration, management and growth of your new EB-5 funds.

TMF Group's international approach to EB-5 service offering

When you’re looking to globalize, opting for central coordination and local delivery is often the best option. It’s also the model in which TMF Group specializes. We are wholly-owned and completely independent, operating in more than 80 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas. 

We can deliver both, fund administration and accounting support in the USA, as well as investor management and intermediary engagement in China and in any other location of interest for regional centers. TMF Group can:

  • Provide fund administration and accounting services from our USA offices in Miami and New York
  • Identify and engage with intermediaries in China and in more than 80 countries
  • Provide local administrative support for your visits to China and any other countries with potential investors                                 

Our EB-5 web portal

A web portal has been built to keep an open and accessible line of communication. It facilitates investors accessing investment information from anywhere in the world. The portal will allow the Regional Centre to provide clients access to summaries of their investments, and it will also be utilized as an interface to interact with the clients. 

  • Allows investor to view:

A summary of their investment and notification of when payment was received 

The status of the investment (i.e. in escrow, invested in the project) 

Uploaded documentation from the Regional Centre that supports the immigration visa process 

Details of the project 

A contact point to get in touch with the regional center 

Alerts for any changes in status 

  • Allows Regional Centre team to: 

    See details of each investor and their intermediary 

    Upload documents related to the Visa process for each investor 

    Provide a global upload of documents such as the Investment prospectuses and project details 

    View a summary of all the investors and the status of their submissions/payments 

    Search by intermediary to view all investors from each one 

    Send messages to individual investors 

Our US offices will act as your single point of contact, and manage the relationship with all other TMF Group offices, enabling easy communication and cross boarder working.

We are happy to discuss any specific requirements you have to understand how we can be of service.

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