TMF Group Client Statement regarding CTL

Many TMF Group clients will have seen recent media coverage relating to the leak of legacy data files from Commonwealth Trust Limited (CTL), a ring-fenced trust company now managed by Equity Trust (part of TMF Group).

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure all TMF Group clients that this breach relates solely to legacy CTL files and not clients of TMF Group. We continue to have in place robust, secure procedures to ensure proper business compliance and the on-going privacy of those that use our services.

Equity Trust (part of TMF Group since 2011) was contracted to manage CTL from 10 June 2009 with the approval of the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission. There is no evidence that any breach of security has occurred since CTL’s data was moved to Equity Trust’s own IT system in 2009.

For media enquiries please contact Kate Martin