Doing business in UAE

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Doing business in the UAE

The UAE welcomes foreign investors, but the processes and judicial system can be difficult to understand. However, with experience and local knowledge all of these steps are made much easier.

With seven emirates and more than 40 “free zones” – areas within individual emirates set up for general or industry-specific activities - across the UAE, it can be a challenge for international businesses to decide the most appropriate jurisdiction in which to set up. There are more than 20 free zones in Dubai alone, each with its own laws and regulations, making business in the UAE a complex journey. Deciding on the right “zone” for your business and navigating the federal (onshore) and offshore jurisdictions must be the essential first step in your UAE strategy.

Our UAE teams can help you navigate the bureaucratic jungle. We start by recommending the most appropriate type of entities and jurisdictions in which you should set up. We can also look after your ongoing accounting processes and reporting, as well as supporting your full HR and payroll administration - including ensuring any locally-employed expatriates are properly registered with the authorities.

From set-up to business as usual, right through to wind-down, TMF Group’s UAE office can help you through your company’s entire life cycle. Our locally-based teams with local knowledge have the backing of a group with global reach, helping you to do business seamlessly across borders.

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