VAT News Jan 2014
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VAT News Jan 2014

31 December 2013

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Bahamas to introduce VAT in 2014

Bulgaria to raise Intrastat reporting thresholds

China to bring postal and railway services into VAT reform

Croatia increases 10% reduced VAT rate to 13%

Cyprus 2nd VAT rise to 19% on 13 Jan 2014

Cyprus reduced VAT rate increases from 8% to 9%

Czech wants to introduce a further reduced VAT rate

Denmark extends filing dates on small company VAT returns

France increases reduced 7% VAT rate to 10%

France increases standard 19.6% VAT rate to 20%

Ghana increases 12.5% VAT to 15%

Japan to introduce a reduced Consumption Tax rate

Lebanon launches e-VAT returns

Morocco drops non-resident VAT for reverse charge

New Zealand introduced non-resident VAT April 2014

Portugal Azores raises VAT from 16% to 18%

Romania introduced improved VAT deferment regime

Romania to drop compulsory cash accounting for VAT

Serbia raises reduced VAT rate to 10% 2014

Slovakia imposes electronic uploads for VAT returns

South Africa delays non-resident digital VAT till April 2014

Spain introduced cash accounting in 2014

US Amazon fails to block New York e-commerce Sales Tax

Vietnam raises fines on late filings

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