Dublin becomes European HQ for tech giants
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Dublin becomes European HQ for tech giants

30 July 2013

A competitive tax system, reduction in red tape and innovation support has propelled Dublin to become the internationally-focused tech capital of Europe.

Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft have all expanded their operations in Dublin over the past few years, redefining the city’s outlook as a tech city for multinational firms. Not only does the Irish capital boast some of the biggest corporates within the city walls, but there has also been notable growth in new technological platforms, particularly in relation to data storage and cloud computing. The city’s cool climate provides a perfect terrain for infrastructural projects, as businesses and governments around Europe realise the full potential of cloud computing and data management.

The 2012 City of Science, Dublin has placed great emphasis on innovation in relation to technology, and there are many projects now in place to foster the right talent to sustain technological innovation now and in the future. Google is playing a big role at the helm of the city’s innovation push, recently building a 15,000 square foot digital innovation centre in Dublin’s Docklands which is expected to attract up to 15,000 extra business visitors from abroad each year.

Google isn’t alone in attracting new-age entrepreneurs. Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook have all expanded their operations in the city, while LinkedIn, Zynga, PayPal and eBay established overseas entities which act like magnets to nascent businesses. Ireland's Industrial Development Authority (IDA) says that in 2012, 140 foreign companies either expanded or launched in Ireland, and this cluster is earning Ireland a reputation for being, as Dropbox's Vice President of Business Sujay Vaswa told inc.com, "the heart of tech in Europe”.

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