Challenges when investing in Ireland

It might be Forbes' No 1 country for ease of doing business, and the top destination for FDI in the world according to the IBM Global Location Trends 2012 report, but that doesn't mean Ireland is without its challenges.

Ahead of our webinar on doing business in Ireland without the headache, Irish Managing Director Ronan Reilly gives five challenges facing a company wanting to invest in the Emerald Isle.

  1. Whilst it can take less than five days to incorporate a company it can take a number of weeks to open a bank account so ensure you have all of the necessary Know Your Client (KYC)/ Anti-Money Laundering (AML) information
  2. Without proper legal and tax advice mistakes can be made
  3. Finding the right service providers may take some time
  4. It takes time to understand employment issues, including recruitment, employee rights, payroll taxes, employee benefit schemes, pension schemes, health insurance, VISAs for non-EU nationals etc.
  5. Grants and fiscal incentives are available but need time to be understood

If this whets your appetite for Ireland, be sure to join our webinar on 29 May.

Ronan Reilly
Ronan  Reilly

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