Why invest in Ireland

It’s got the talent, a solid track record, favourable tax regimes and the best in technology – and that’s not to mention the strong education system, access to Europe and the ease of doing business.

Forbes Magazine even ranks it the best country in the world to do business and it’s the top destination for FDI by average project value based on value for jobs.

Yes, Ireland is truly capturing the world’s attention. Some of the world’s biggest companies – from the likes of Facebook, Apple, Coca Cola and Microsoft – and the fastest-growing next generation (AirBnB, SurveyMonkey, Kobo, Dropbox, Etsy) are calling Dublin their European home. The IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook for 2013 named Ireland No 1 for investment incentives to foreign investors, as well as top for openness to foreign investors. A skilled, flexible and adaptable workforce that speaks fluent English and has one of the world’s top higher education achievements adds to the mix to make Ireland an irresistible lure.

Ahead of our webinar on doing business in Ireland without the headache our Irish Managing Director Ronan Reilly has developed a few top fives to whet the investment appetite.

Top 5 tips for investing in Ireland

  1. Choose your legal structure, for example, limited company or branch with care
  2. Obtain proper legal and tax advice
  3. Understand the legal and regulatory environment, including directors duties
  4. Understand the taxation impact of your products and / or services
  5. Consider locating in an area where similar companies are present

Top 5 reasons to invest in Ireland

  1. Low corporate tax rate – corporation tax on trading profits is 12.5% and the regime does not breach EU or OECD harmful tax competition criteria
  2. Regulatory, economic and people infrastructure of a highly-developed OECD jurisdiction
  3. Benefits of EU membership and of being an English-speaking jurisdiction in the Eurozone and an extensive and expanding double tax treaty network
  4. Common law jurisdiction, with a legal system that is broadly similar to the US and the UK systems
  5. Refundable tax credit for research and development activity and other incentives

Of course, working with a partner with local knowledge yet a truly global reach could make your Irish entry even easier. If you’d like to know more about how we can help, contact our Dublin office.

Ronan Reilly
Ronan  Reilly

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