How New Zealand is changing its company regulation
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How New Zealand is changing its company regulation

14 November 2014

New Zealand's government has passed a raft of new legislative changes recently that affect company set up and operations.

Some of the changes increase compliance and reporting obligations while others decrease those obligations.

To help make sense of the new requirements, our on-the-ground expert in New Zealand, John Thorman, summarises the changes and how they could affect your business in the first TMF Group briefing paper.

The main changes outlined here include:

  • The Companies Act
  • The Limited Partnerships Act
  • New statutory reporting framework
  • Information disclosures
  • Qualification requirements, and
  • Powers of the Registrar of companies.

There is also a detailed appendix at the conclusion of the paper outlining, in a quick reference format, how your company could be affected. 

Download the paper

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