Getting to know the UK recruitment market
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Getting to know the UK recruitment market

24 September 2014

Our UK webinar series is starting soon and on 28 October 2014 we will be joined by Webrecruit to look at the UK recruitment market. Ahead of that, we’re highlighting some useful information on this subject.

Recruitment is a constant cycle for businesses and so it’s essential that the process is as smooth and effective as possible. Our expert webinar partner Webrecruit knows what’s what when it comes to recruitment. From its vault of useful articles we’ve selected three of the best:

10 misconceptions about recruitment advertising

Often underestimated in the hiring process, an effective job advertisement is vital to help you successfully recruit staff. It will be the first taster of the job for potential employees and will contain information that may be the deciding factor for whether candidates apply for your vacancy or not. Read more…

Is recruitment software right for my business?

Tech has radically changed the way in which we consume information. Today’s jobseekers are much more digital-savvy, and searching online is fast becoming the norm. Read more…

7 questions you need to ask your recruitment agency

As a growing business, finding the right people to help you achieve your ambitions can be tricky, costly and time consuming. Therefore, it’s no surprise that a rising number of SMEs throughout the UK are turning to recruitment agencies to help relieve the pressure. Read more…

The webinar

The UK is an important market, growing fast and gaining stability after the global financial crisis. But with such a huge talent pool it can prove difficult when you try to find the right person for the job.

Our 40 minute webinar will help you to see your way more clearly when recruiting new staff. TMF Group's UK Regional Director – UK, Ireland and CI Michael Adams will be joined by expert speakers John Robinson and Jay Cholewinski from Webrecruit, topics they will cover include:

  • the current nature of the job and recruitment market in the UK
  • available tools in the UK for sourcing the best talent
  • typically challenging areas of recruitment within the UK market
  • the Webrecruit offering and how they can help.

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