Making business easier in Poland
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Making business easier in Poland

08 April 2015

Business is becoming easier in Poland thanks to four so-called deregulation acts prepared by the Ministry of Economy between 2011 and 2014; they encompass more than 300 changes across more than 100 Acts.

The aim is a consistent reduction of barriers when doing business by adjusting existing legislation to market needs and requirements of the modern economy.

Following regular analysis of the influence of the applicable regulations on the conditions of doing business in Poland, the Ministry of Economy worked with entrepreneurs, organisations which represent them as well as other Ministries and administration organs to get to this point.

These Deregulation Acts are crucial elements of the comprehensive action taken by the Ministry of Economy as they aim to systematise and simplify business law in Poland. In scope include aspects such as new business law, promoting amicable methods of commercial disputes, improving business information exchange and developing the role of public consultation of lawmaking.

As a result of the "fourth deregulation act", which came into effect on 1 January 2015, around 40 simplifications were implemented with an estimated savings for entrepreneurs of approximately 0,9 million PLN per year. In three previous deregulatory initiatives there were 284 changes made within the scope of 109 acts. It is estimated that the financial benefits to the economy from the implemented solutions may reach even 8 million PLN per year, mainly from the savings resulting from the reduction of red tape burden.

Written by

Wioleta Wardak

Marketing and Sales Assistant

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