New electronic communication channel for taxpayers in Poland

Aiming to simplify and make electronic documents submission more efficient in Poland, the universal documents gate for taxpayers went live on 1 January 2015 enabling submission of up to 20,000 forms on one document at one time (PIT-11, PIT-8C, PIT-R, PIT-40). At the same time it acknowledges receipt of all documents by the tax authority.

In practice, the gate means that uploaded documents enable taxpayers to send collective information about personal income tax to the tax office signed electronically.

In order to send the documents via electronic gate, new collective templates were introduced and they have been marked accordingly: PIT-11Z, PIT-8CZ, PIT-RZ and PIT-40Z. However, it is not possible to prepare corrections of collective documents. Corrections should be submitted as single documents (PIT-11, PIT-8C, PIT-R, PIT-40) via current gate „e-Deklaracje”.

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Wioleta  Wardak
Technical update

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