New amounts for travel allowance in Slovakia

The Collection of Laws No. 296/2014 introduced a Regulation of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic in regard to new amounts of travel allowance.

What is the change?

Under the regulation, the amounts of travel allowance shall be as follows:

a) €4.20 for business trips of 5-12 hours

b) €6.30 for business trips of 12- 18 hours

c) €9.80 for business trips of more than 18 hours.

With regard to the change in travel allowance for the business trip duration of 5- 12 hours, the minimum value of meal vouchers provided by employers under the Section 152 of the Labour Code has increased to EUR 3.15.

Who is affected?

Both employers and employees in Slovakia. Necessary changes will be advised via your provider of payroll services.

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Ondrej  Mihočka
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