Slovakian Act on Social Insurance changes affect sick and students
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Slovakian Act on Social Insurance changes affect sick and students

19 January 2015

Changes to Slovakia's Act on Social Insurance came into effect on 1 January 2015, affecting both sickness compensation and the employment of students.

Changes in sickness compensation calculation

The amendment to the Act introduced changes to the reference period for the amount of sickness compensation calculation; it affects employees who had been paying sickness insurance contribution for 90 days prior to their entitlement to sickness compensation (for example, prior to a temporary disability rendering them unable to work), but who had sickness insurance created in the previous year.

Until 31 December 2014, the reference period was represented by a part of the previous calendar year. However, as of 1 January 2015, the reference period shall be extended until the end of the calendar month preceding the month in which the entitlement to the sickness compensation occurred.  

Changes in the employment of students

The income exempt from contributions paid by students will increase to a single amount of €200. Secondary or university students with agreement on student work can choose one of their agreements on student work which will be exempt from pension insurance contribution payment. Students with more than one agreement on student work may choose only one to be exempt from contribution payment. This means that they as well as their employers will be obliged to pay pension insurance contributions from all the other agreements on student work.  

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Ondrej Mihočka

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