Updates to Hungarian Electronic Road Transportation Control System

The Hungarian Ministry for National Economy has extended the trial period of the Electronic Road Transportation Control System (EKÁER) to 1 March, 2015.

Taxpayers will be issued warnings if they do not follow the EKÁER regulations; however, no default penalties will be levied until 1 March, 2015. Taxpayers are exempt from the collateral provision on hazardous goods until the end of the trial period.

The Hungarian tax office (NAV) started using the Electronic Road Transportation Control System (EKÁER) on 1 January 2015 to track products transported through the road grid of Hungary (domestic transport, imports and exports). It wants to ensure that goods put into circulation in Hungary were previously reported to NAV and thus prevent black market transactions and VAT fraud.

Goods subject to reporting are, in general, goods whose transportation will be subject to a road toll (total weight per truck above 3.5 tons). There is no weight threshold in the case of goods defined as risky from a tax evasion perspective.

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Petrina Makakova Hungary MD
Petrina  Makakova
Technical update

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