Corruption in Latin America: Are you protecting your business?
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Corruption in Latin America: Are you protecting your business?

01 July 2015

Remaining open to the risks and taking a strategic approach will ensure you are able to successfully manage your reputational risk, build healthier customer relationships and maximise your long term business potential when doing business in Latin America.

It is proven that the biggest yet most simple effect of corruption, of any kind, is that it causes inefficiency in business – it’s a big money and time-wasting problem.

While the relationship between politics, economy and businesses can bring with it a risk of corruption in some jurisdictions, there are a few things currently happening in Latin America that companies need to be aware of.

In our latest briefing paper we look at the countries of Latin America, and both the good they are doing to tackle corruption, and some of the recent issues that have made headlines. 

The power of local knowledge, especially when operating in a foreign country with these kinds of risky situations - cannot be underestimated. It is highly recommended to have the appropriate local knowledge and support in all political, legal, economic and cultural aspects, especially when doing or trying to do business in an unknown market.

With the in-depth local knowledge of our experts on the ground throughout Latin America, TMF Group can help you navigate the complexities of business.

Read the full paper here.

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Written by

Walter Gutsch

Former Managing Director

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