Israel: electronic delivery of employee payslips
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Israel: electronic delivery of employee payslips

23 August 2017

Israeli employers are now allowed to deliver employees' payslips via electronic and digital devices.

The Minister of Labour has recently approved the 'Salary protection regulations (special ways of delivering payslips to employees)' which determine that payslips can be delivered by electronic and digital devices in Israel, and not only through the traditional printed copy. Below is a summary of the new regulations.

Payslip delivery

The delivery of payslips by electronic device can only be implemented in a case where the employee has provided written consent not to receive a printed copy of their payslip. Once the employee has approved the above in writing, the optional channels for payslip delivery are as follows:

  • A company email address has been provided to the employee by the employer.
  • A secure dedicated website on behalf of the employer in which the employee has password protected access, to retrieve the payslips.
  • A private email address, as detailed by the employee in his/her signed confirmation, according to the regulation.
  • At any time, the employee will be entitled to withdraw his/her approval for receiving a non-printed payslip in lieu of the printed copy.

Delivery Confirmation

Where the employee chooses to use their private email for receiving the payslips, he/she will need to confirm receipt of each payslip in writing, no later than five days from the deadline for delivery, as specified in the law.

  • If the employer has not received a written confirmation of receipt from the employee, they will be required to deliver a printed payslip (hard copy) to the employee no later than 10 days from the deadline for delivery.
  • Where the employee chooses to use their company email address, payslip delivery will be considered legally completed only after an electronic receipt notification is received by the employer, confirming that the payslip has been received by the employee.

Access to payslips

Employees will be permitted to receive copies of printed payslips for a period of seven years. Where an employer is using a dedicated website, employees will have an access to their payslips for 12 months following the deadline for delivery for each month, as set by law.

  • The deadline for electronic delivery is the same as for physical delivery.
  • The employer must use technology that does not permit any changes to be made to the digital payslips that have been uploaded.

Adoption of the electronic method

In a digital world, where the use of paper is constantly decreasing, these new regulations were required, and will allow employees to easily track their payslips. Whilst there is some administration involved in the implementation, and although this is not mandatory, we believe that many employers will adopt one of the aforementioned solutions, in order to provide e-payslips to their employees.

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