Italy: statutory yearly communication of staff leasing contracts

18 January 2017

Companies that used temporary staff leasing contracts in 2016 must submit a mandatory yearly communication by the end of January.


Companies in Italy that have used temporary staff leasing contracts (ie. fixed-term contracts with employees hired through a specialized agency such as Adecco or Manpower) during the year 2016, must submit a mandatory yearly communication by 31 January 2017.


The communication is to be submitted to the corporate trade union representatives (RSA), or the unitary trade union representative (RSU). Or alternatively, to the category territorial bodies of the comparatively most representative trade union associations at national level.

The communication to be submitted by 31 January 2017 shall include:

  • the number of temporary staff leasing contracts used
  • the duration of those contracts
  • the number and qualification of the workers used.

The reference period is the year 2016 and the communication should not report the name of the temporary workers, only numerical data.

The submission can be executed through:

  • hand delivery
  • registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt
  • certified e-mail (PEC).

There is a specific legal obligation to include in the LUL (Libro Unico del Lavoro) the name and the details of the temporary staff leasing contracts respectively during their starting and ending month.


Failure to comply with this fulfilment will result in an administrative penalty amounting to €250 - 1,250.

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