Canada is betting on AI
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Canada is betting on AI

26 April 2018

Silicon Valley, China or Europe are not the only places to watch for advances in artificial Intelligence (AI) business growth. Instead, shift your focus and look to Canada.

The news is filled with stories of the possibility of AI technology taking jobs away from people. The fear is based on the idea that when AI becomes more prevalent, substantial numbers of jobs will be lost. Canada does not have this fear. In fact, they already have a solution in place to the problem of how humans will earn a living as their jobs are taken. The answer: They will be reskilled.

Reskilling the workforce

Canada cares about its workforce and understands that as the world changes so do the types of jobs that exist. That is why an entire network of reskilling programmes will evolve - many of which already exist in Canada. These programmes are available to teach new skills to people and help them to reskill in AI or place them in jobs in different fields. Canada is not afraid of the AI revolution but instead looks to embrace it. Industries are changing at a rapid pace and while many countries are trying to push the boundaries of AI technology and compete, Canada understands the how this will affect people in the future. Jobs will change and Canada will train the workforce through reskilling.

AI education

Canadian university graduates are highly regarded for their AI expertise and several strong Canadian tech start-ups have enjoyed early success in this field.

AI in medicine

One of the biggest possible fields that will benefit from AI in Canada is in the medical field. With the massive amounts of data collected through healthcare, it is only natural that AI and machine learning will be used. With Canada’s network of Federal and Provincially funded medical care, substantial funding will be attracted to AI for making accurate predictions about the future of Canadian health.

Investing in AI and Canada

The fields of AI and machine learning are only going to keep growing and with the reskilling infrastructure already in place in Canada, it’s a great idea to open an AI business in Canada. An AI business in Canada will have candidates that have been re-skilled to work in the new AI fields.

Another industry that will be positively affected in the future by AI will be the financial industry where AI will be initially used to predict money laundering and fraud.  Companies that come to Canada to enjoy the growth of AI will be able to spread throughout the world.

TMF Group

TMF Canada knows how to help our clients and their businesses succeed. The country’s investment in AI will help companies that chose to start or move their business to Canada. Life will look different in the future with the acceptance of AI and the businesses that will thrive will be ones that are embracing the technology.

TMF Group provides many local-specific services alongside the global offering. TMF Group is forward thinking and our local experts ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest developments. Contact our experts in Canada to find out how we can help grow your business.

Written by

Gary Hokkanen

Global Client Director

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