A world of opportunity
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A world of opportunity

05 September 2018

Jakub’s journey began in a junior role and now, he has a seat at the board of directors’ table.

When Jakub Erenyi first joined TMF Group in 2011, he had no idea that he had just taken his first step into a world of opportunity.

Jakub began in the company’s Czech Republic office as an accounting and payroll assistant. This being his very first role, Jakub focused mainly on the daily accounting and payroll agenda before moving into an accounting specialism one year later, where he was entrusted with supervising junior team members.

Jakub describes himself as fast-learner and a progressive individual, which is why in 2013, he ventured into a role that was alien to his professional background.

“When I first assumed the role of HR manager, it was quite a daunting experience,” he explained. “I had no prior experience in HR, but I had many transferable skills and knowledge from my previous role in payroll and service delivery – so I was quite able to learn on the job and really maximise the real-life exposure that I had.”

“Looking back, I am grateful for the amount of trust that was being placed in me,” Jakub noted, “TMF Group management saw my potential and paved the way for me to be a versatile professional, gaining experience not limited to only one field of expertise.”

The fact that TMF Group had been present in the Czech Republic for more than 20 years opened more doors for professional development. “One of TMF Group’s core values is ‘opportunity.’ Every day, all of us in the Czech office live this value through and through – we are given the chance to work with a variety of local and international clients and on internal projects – they gave me a wealth of exposure and experience in less than four years.”

Fast-forward to today, and Jakub now serves as an operations manager in the Czech Republic. But that’s not all. His tenacity, ability to adapt seamlessly to different roles and natural gravitation towards building a sense of camaraderie with those he works with, propelled him to be appointed a member of the board of directors at TMF Czech Republic.

“My appointment to the local board of directors is one of the highlights of my career at TMF Group,” he smiled. “Management does an amazing job at recognising talent and potential, and I am constantly driven by the world of opportunity open to us all in this company.”

Having experienced such a successful streak, Jakub firmly believes that joining the right organisation can make or break one’s career.

“Choose a professional path and organisation wisely,” Jakub advised, “Work in an organisation that shares the same values as you and is willing to invest in its people – because this is what will drive you to go the extra mile and actually enjoy doing so.”

As for the future, Jakub is focused on driving his team and delivering beyond excellence in his current roles, but he is also looking forward to exploring global mobility opportunities within TMF Group’s network of offices in more than 80 countries worldwide.

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Written by

Syakirah Zulkifli

Employer Brand Manager

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