9 things I learned as an intern at TMF Group
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9 things I learned as an intern at TMF Group

07 May 2019

An internship is often how most of us begin our careers, fresh and full of curiosity. TMF Malaysia recently had the opportunity to train and welcome nine bright young minds.

We’re immensely proud of the growth and development they have shown throughout their internships. We asked what learnings will stick with them the most after their time with us – here’s what they told us.

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Nurisnaeni Ishak

1. Time is golden - Nurisnaeni Ishak

“This internship taught me first-hand the importance of time management. It doesn’t necessarily mean rushing over tasks, but I learnt how to prioritise and balance my workload and meet deadlines efficiently.”

Kho Kai Ni

2. Team work means nobody is left behind - Kho Kai Ni

“Having a team that really supports you is crucial. My seniors never once turned me down whenever I needed help or guidance, even during peak periods. This really gave me a sense of belonging and I believe having a supportive team makes all the difference to your career experience.”

Lim Shu Teng

3. Putting theories into practice - Lim Shu Teng

“This internship was an opportunity for me to put theories into practice – I discovered that while we bring with us theoretical knowledge from what we’ve learned in university, a practical application in the real world can be different and brings about different outcomes.”

Lee Wai Ean

4. Soft skills matter – Lee Wai Ean

“It has definitely been eye-opening for me to experience and learn first-hand that while having the knowledge of how to do something is good, soft skills are equally as important. This is the first time I dealt with diverse clients and along the way, I learnt how to communicate and convey ideas better.”

Ng Jia Huey

5. A well-rounded approach to work – Ng Jia Huey

“Having the skillset and knowledge of how to do your tasks is essential, but I learnt that your attitude and willingness to learn is also part of how well you perform. You need to have a well-rounded approach to work to truly impact and deliver.”

Yong Kong Oon

6. Effective communication is key – Yong Kong Oon

“In my role, I was given the opportunity to liaise with our clients and I recognised the importance of making sure that I fully understood what our clients needed in order to be able to service and provide solutions unique to each clients’ business needs and strategy.”

Ong Hung Wei

7. Finding your real passion – Ong Hung Wei

“At university, I undertook Banking and Finance, but I decided to take on an internship in CAD with TMF Malaysia and I find myself growing to be passionate and enjoying what I do every day. For me, this internship has opened to me my real passion and career interest.”

Ong Hung Wei

8. Your attitude determines your altitude – Diong See Yim

“I learnt that your attitude towards work, a new environment and challenges can make or break your career experience. Here at TMF Malaysia, I am lucky to work with seniors who are incredibly supportive in guiding me, but I always strive to approach challenges with a can-do attitude – something I have been inspired to put into practice.”

Ong Hung Wei

9. The right culture is the right fit - Ong Hung Wei

“While I acquired valuable experience and exposure in a CoSec function, working here made me realise that having the right culture fit is important for your career. At TMF Malaysia, we emulate a friendly and supportive enviroment which really helps me feel at home with the team.”


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