Top 3 benefits of TMF Group and Workday partnership
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Top 3 benefits of TMF Group and Workday partnership

03 October 2019

Managing and providing payroll services for your employees can be overwhelming, especially if your business operates in multiple jurisdictions around the world. Choosing a services provider for all your payroll and HR needs can be a great option especially when the provider has partnerships that enhance the offerings.

TMF Group has partnered with Workday, a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications. Workday delivers financial management, human capital management, planning, and analytics applications designed for the world’s largest organizations, with the aim of offering more holistic end-to-end solutions to its diverse and global HR and payroll clients. TMF Group became a Workday Global Payroll Cloud (GPC) partner in 2017. Our Workday Standard Certified Integration connects directly with the payroll systems in TMF Group local offices supplying them with payroll data.

The partnership with Workday has increased the industry awareness of TMF Group as a leading global player in the HR & Payroll market and enables us to offer tried & tested integrations which have the significant benefit of Workday’s accreditation. 

Both existing and new clients who have made the investment in an HCM application and want to benefit from TMF Group’s network of wholly-owned offices and over 1,500 payroll specialists, see this accreditation as the final stamp on doing business with TMF Group.

TMF Group has certified integrations covering 39 countries as well as integrations for Time Tracking and External Payslips and the partnership between TMF Group and Workday has been hugely beneficial to current clients and for businesses looking for integrated end-to-end payroll solutions.

The top three benefits of the TMF Group and Workday integration are:

1. Enables automated, repeatable and standardised integrations between clients using Workday and TMF local offices

TMF Group uses the tools provided by Workday to gather payroll data for clients. These tools allow for data to be generated and updated for clients to use in their local offices to process payroll. All data is kept in the Workday service allowing businesses to see trends that affect their operations.

2. Reduced risk to both TMF Group and clients through TMF Group’s ownership of the integration build and maintenance

When it comes to managing payroll and HR, clients are looking to avoid business operational risk when looking for a new supplier. The certifications provided by Workday gives prospective clients the reassurance that the integrations provided by the partners are built by experts and are tried and tested.

3. Faster client payroll deployments and reduced client HRIS resource requirements

Clients that already use Workday for their business may believe that they can take on building their own Workday integration for payroll. But doing the work in-house can be a challenge to the business because of the many processes involved and continued compliance needed for the payroll integration.  TMF Group builds custom integrations for clients allowing for proper implementation and on-going maintenance.

In addition, TMF Group now has Workday Payroll integration solutions certified in 39 countries. This allows for clients in these countries to use our services along with Workday’s payroll integrations with minimal set up.

How TMF Group can help

TMF Group understands how important payroll services are to our clients and the partnership with Workday solidifies this fact. We are the leading provider of administrative support services for international business expansion – organically or through M&A – and investment funds.

With close-knit teams of some 7,800 in-house experts – on the ground in over 80 locations – we are the only company worldwide to provide the combination of fiduciary, company secretarial, accounting and tax and HR and payroll services essential to the success of businesses investing, operating and expanding across multiple jurisdictions.

TMF Group at Workday Rising

TMF Group is very excited to sponsor Workday Rising. Workday Rising is being held October 14-17, 2019 in Orlando and in Milan on November 12-14, 2019 and TMF is looking forward to meeting clients and non-clients to broaden the understanding of their needs to find solutions in conjunction with Workday offering.  TMF also aims to learn from Workday about upcoming trends in the HR and Payroll markets and to understand how to strengthen our joint partnership.

If you’re interested in connecting with our experts and hearing more about our HR and Payroll services, visit our booth, E34, or make an enquiry. 

Written by

Ben Ritchie

Integration Consultant, GBS Products & Services

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