How Covid-19 is changing the hiring process
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How Covid-19 is changing the hiring process

29 June 2020

The process for hiring and recruiting new employees has changed drastically due to Covid-19.

Today’s job market is a complex place as the Covid-19 pandemic takes its toll on the economy. Business expansion plans have been replaced by business continuity plans. Even as some businesses reduced FTE, others are sticking to their hiring plans but recruiting at a slower pace. Covid-19 has dramatically changed the world, which has altered the recruiting of new employees.

Recruitment processes adapt to social distancing

One of the biggest changes in recruitment due to the pandemic is managing a very different hiring process. With in-person meetings off the table, job interviews now are being conducted remotely, by phone or videoconferencing. Our Talent Acquisition team adapted and implemented this process to ensure the candidate experience isn’t disrupted by the ongoing situation, so our teams are able to continuously deliver to clients by filling vacancies.

Virtual recruiting

This new way of recruiting can be beneficial to both prospects and companies since many key decision makers, hiring managers or stakeholders are now more available, which can speed up the hiring process.

Virtual recruitment is now the go-to method, keeping the hiring process moving while protecting recruiters and candidates from the virus.

The initial round of interviews, such as resume and phone screenings remains the same, but the face-to-face interview has been moved online. Using video interviews, has proven to be beneficial as it allows our hiring managers and candidates to establish a rapport through the stages of the interview – and also put faces to names behind the screen.

Online testing for certain role requirements has replaced the traditional pen and paper versions. As we utilize online testing, it not only enables hiring managers in companies and our Talent Acquisition specialists to accurately pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate, it also saves time when measuring compatibility against role requirements. This leads to better hiring decisions.

Virtual Onboarding

These are unique times and with it, comes a unique on-boarding experience for new hires. Virtually onboarding candidates has become the new normal for organizations around the world.

Maintaining social distancing and keeping new and current employees safe is most important to the OneTMF Family.  While the landscape and experience of recruitment and onboarding for TMF Group has changed, our team continues to grow, and we are still recruiting in key positions.

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