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Essential insights for international expansion
Setting up and running a business in a new country is even more challenging in uncertain times. Explore GBCI country rankings, global trends and learn how to stay ahead of complexity.

The Global Business Complexity Index focuses on rules, regulations and penalties, accounting and tax and hiring, firing and paying employees.

Three global trends emerged from this year’s research:

  • International alignment battling localisation
  • Modernity battling tradition
  • Technology simplifying business operations.

Understand your compliance risk

Setting up and running a business in a new jurisdiction is even more challenging in uncertain times. Understand the global and local risk factors that can impact your expansion.

Explore the challenges in 77 jurisdictions
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Accounting & tax

What global trends affect your company’s approach to financial compliance? Learn about the key drivers of international tax and accounting complexity, technology trends and how the relationship between companies and tax authorities is evolving.

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Rules, regulations and penalties

How well do you understand the international and local frameworks that govern your operations? Explore how jurisdictions are stepping up standardisation and transparency, and what it means for cross-border business.

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