Value Added Talk

Global tax analysis and tips for businesses of all sizes

The Value Added Talk podcast – presented by TMF Group VAT experts Jacek, Sylvia and Rob – explores tax issues that affect businesses of all sizes from small startups to large multinationals. Each episode features key takeaways and actionable steps for business owners and their finance teams.

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Value Added Talk

S1 E1: ‘Free’ money and where your business can find it

Looking for a cash injection? Discover the untapped potential of VAT recovery for cross-border businesses.

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Value Added Talk

S1 E2: Digitisation is taking over the tax world – are you ready?

Tax authorities are embracing new technologies – here’s what it means for your operations. Featuring TMF Group head of accounting and tax Emine Constantin.

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Value Added Talk

S1 E3: Four accounting and tax trends you need to know about

Get the lowdown on the key findings of the GBCI 2019 Accounting and Tax Report and how they affect regulations and processes globally.

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Value Added Talk

S1 E4: Tax headaches you wish you knew about before selling online

What does it take to set up – or continue running – an online business while keeping pace with all tax requirements?

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Value Added Talk

S1 E5: What you need to know about the definitive European VAT regime

After 26 years, Christmas is coming for businesses trading within the EU. Or is it?


The Value Added Talk podcast is presented by:

Headhsot of Jacek Szufan

Jacek Szufan

Nonchalant, charming, frivolous. None of these words describe Jacek, who anchors the Value Added Talk podcast.

Headshot of Sylvia Petkova

Sylvia Petkova

Sylvia’s world consists of minions, unicorns and immeasurable passion for everything VAT-related.

Headshot of Rob Hutchinson

Rob Hutchinson

Most people find keeping up with the latest indirect tax news a cumbersome task - but not Rob, aka "Robopedia."

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