20 December 2019

Following Boris Johnson’s victory in the UK election what Brexit clarity is there for businesses and what are the tax challenges that they may face in 2020?


Jacek, Sylvia and Rob close out 2019 with a reflective episode covering Brexit expectations and other European country-level tax developments; VAT quick fixes, SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax), digitisation, centralised reporting and the ongoing focus on closing the VAT gap. 

Tune in to find out what tax challenges businesses operating in Europe may face in the new year … and why the discussion turns to bikinis and pigs in blankets.

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00:01 Intro
02:03 Brexit is now definitely happening - what does this mean for businesses?
05:14 Sylvia’s thoughts on a ‘messy’ tax year
08:26 Spotlight on e-commerce tax compliance and closing the VAT gap
13:20 SAF-T and the looming digitisation wave
14:31 Is the tax reporting process set to reverse? Will it make compliance easier?
17:50 Dreams of a single VAT return – is SAF-T the next best thing?
26:43 Getting into the festive spirit
29:26 Closing comments

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