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TMF Group joins Chinese state visit to the Netherlands

21 March 2014

Jochum Haakma, TMF Group’s Director for Business Development, this week joins the Chinese President’s state visit to the Netherlands.

Mr Xi Jinping will combine his attendance at the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague from 24-25 March – where 57 world leaders will meet with the aim of preventing nuclear terrorism – with a Dutch state visit. He will be accompanied by a delegation of 200 business leaders from the biggest Chinese companies and institutions, representing a range of sectors, and by 14 senior government officials.

Jochum, as Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the China Council of the Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion, is co-organising the SINO-Dutch Forum in Noordwijk, to be held the day before the Nuclear Security Summit. The Forum will feature Mr Jinping as keynote speaker, together with the Chinese Minister for Trade, Mr Gao, and the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Mrs Ploumen. Both the Chinese business delegation and key Dutch business representatives will be present during this forum.

Says Mr Haakma: “This is an exciting opportunity to present TMF Group as the partner of choice for many Dutch and Chinese companies looking to do business across borders.”

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