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Full suite of Know Your Client (KYC) services now available in the Netherlands

20 April 2015

TMF Group has expanded its network for Know Your Client (“KYC”) services with our Dutch operations proud to now offer a complete outsourcing solution of compliance services.

KYC standards have developed globally in response to the effects of terrorism, large scale fraud and money laundering. They have even become a legal requirement in some jurisdictions, and have forced businesses to take a hard look at their operations and the relationships that they foster, to proactively manage their risk exposure.

The “know” implies that a business will carry out due diligence on a client to verify that they are who they say they are - and to prevent theft, fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.

Experts based in our Dutch offices are ready to offer their in-depth KYC knowledge as they conduct an independent assessment under relevant regulations - for example AIFMD, FATCA and the AMLA - to give businesses piece of mind when it comes to customer due diligence and identification/KYC requirements.

Using the internal expertise of our group compliance team based in Brunnen, Switzerland - together with our tools SEO and World Check - we can provide an assessment on the origin of funds, financial situation, businesses and reputational insights in relation to the companies that you work with.

TMF Group has successfully delivered compliance services to businesses for more than 20 years. Our specialist teams will help to ensure that you are both protected from immediate risks and positioned to grow your business potential.

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