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TMF Group Malta now offering additional investor and tax services

02 June 2015

TMF Group is pleased to announce its expert team in Malta has gained accreditation to assist clients with their applications to the country’s increasingly popular Individual Investor Programme (IIP).

The IIP enables persons to become citizens of Malta by investment, and consequently applicants and their families enjoy the rights of other Maltese nationals as citizens of a European Union member state. Such rights include the ability to work, travel, study and reside in Malta and the EU, and have unrestricted, visa-free travel to more than 130 countries worldwide.

Designed to attract reputable individuals who can share their talent, expertise and business connections, the IIP is the first EU citizenship programme to be recognised by the European Commission. 

Dr. Clint Bennetti, Director of Client Services said: “Malta has various programs and schemes that are open to individuals wishing to relocate, and take advantage of the numerous tax and other benefits that come with obtaining citizenship of this wonderful country. Along with the IIP, individuals can explore the Malta Global Residence Programme, Retirement and Corporate Relocation schemes among others.”

TMF Group Malta is now also an Authorised Registered Mandatory (ARM), able to represent a beneficiary under the High Net Worth Individuals Rules. The rules allow individuals to apply for a special tax status and will run in parallel to the amended Residents Scheme Regulations, however the rules will not regulate holders of a valid permanent residence certificate issued by the Commissioner of Inland Revenue.

Click here for more information about the Malta Individual Investor Programme.

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