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14 July 2016

The Everest Group’s Multi-Country Payroll Platform Assessment praises TMF Group for having ‘Widest Geographic Coverage’, ‘Global Self-Execution’ and ‘Strong Language Capabilities’, Among Top Strengths

Miami. July 14, 2016 – In the rapidly growing, competitive multi-country payroll market, TMF Group – a leading provider of global business services – has been recognized for its quickly expanding global technology by Everest Group’s Multi-Country Payroll Platform (MCPP) Assessment.

The report finds that TMF Group is one of the largest multi-country payroll providers with the widest geographic coverage. TMF Group is also acknowledged for its distinguishing factor of global self-execution of payroll through end-to-end processing, in-country local expert knowledge and strong language proficiencies.

Everest summarizes that the company is improving its aggregator platform with its increase of data integrations and methodical processes.

Deborah Williams, Global Head of Global Business Services at TMF Group, commented: “The results of the Everest MCPP report confirms our competitive position as a forerunner in the market and our rapidly evolving global scope of payroll technology.”

She continued: “Over the last year, we’ve developed internal processes to streamline workflow systems and customer satisfaction, revised our payroll procedures and invested significantly in new customer products and services, such as TMF InternationalXpense. Later this year, we’ll also be expanding our payroll offering with a new online platform with a multi-layered dashboard, mobile functionality and effective employee support.”

The research report includes analysis of 11 global payroll service providers that are ‘increasingly investing in MCPP platforms’ and expanding their reporting and analytical capabilities, interactive mobile support and other advanced employee support features. Everest’s framework assessed service providers for their levels of ‘Usage and Execution Effectiveness’ and ‘Functionality.’ Providers are also aligned as ‘connoisseurs’, ‘achievers’, ‘strivers’ and ‘pioneers’ based on their planned future functionalities and recent investments to advance their platforms.

This is the second year TMF Group participated in an Everest survey. Last year, TMF Group was named a ‘Major Contender’ in the annual Multi-Country Payroll Outsourcing (MCPO) Service Provider Landscape with PEAK Matrix Assessment (2015).


Genesis Mendoza
Didit Communications


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